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More freedom for you in how we work


At AidECare, we specialise in the support and care of individuals with learning and physical dissabilities, and also those with a mental illness.

Specialising in these areas only allows us to be able to provide a total person centered approach, which enables us to support correctly and where/when we are needed.  The core to our approach is:

You can relax

Consistancy is key.  We are here to support steps towards independance. Those steps my move forward, they move move backwards, but we are aware that they will usually be small steps which are helped and developed by rapport and trust.  Therefore, you will have a key worker and a compact team that you will be familiar with, and they will be familiar with you.  

Support that knows you

Your social needs


We all love to encourage you to build relationships and meet people with similar interests and backgrounds and so we organise gatherings to encourage these developments. Whether it is promoting the cobblers community football tournaments, dancing at the Rocking Roadrunner or even supported holidays, we are always looking for new and exciting activities that you can enjoy and benefit from as individuals or as a group. 


Support that is proactive

Your choice 


Relationships and trust are built on several factors such as personalities, interests and views.  Therefore, we want you to choose your support workers/carers, so that you know that you will be spending time with someone that you want to.  We promise that we will not send a stranger to your door, or change your support to suit ourselves.


Support how you like it

You are in contol 

We understand that everybodies needs and wants change frequently, and that's why we keep our support for you as fluid as it needs to be.  Agreed weekly hours can be used how you best need them. For example, you may use them all in a couple of days one week and then across the week next. That flexibilty is vital if we are to truely give you the service you deserve. 

Support when you need it


These are just few of the things that make us as indiviudual as you are.  Call us to see how else we differ from the rest and offer you a truely person centered support and care package to suit your needs and goals

We provide support and care from 1 hour to 24 hours, whether it is in your own home or community based.  All our workers are experienced and have the required training and knowledge to make sure your support and care is right for you.